Sociofy’s aim has always been to make sure that people not only buy your products but also connect with them on a personal level. The reason for doing that is buildingBrand Loyalty. What people want more than the product is the connection. Now you may not be able to grasp this concept very easily so allow me to elaborate.

Everyone knows about Nike, Apple, and many other companies that stand with such stature. I myself saw this trend for the very first time in Nike. They released massive campaigns filled with advertisements. Not once did they mention the product. But it was more about creating the Brand Identity. Nike honored the great athletes of the world. They built a relation with the public. Similarly, when Apply bounced back on its feet in the 90’s, they created the campaigns honoring the brilliant minds who think different. And these are just some of our favorite examples throughout the history. There is so much more to it than just this.

Sociofy understands the importance of Brand Identity & Reputation Management extensively well. That is why we ask our partners to engage in Brand Identity Creation & Reputation Management before moving towards enforcing products on customers. Marketing is not just about increasing sales, but it’s also about that intangible bond that your brand forms with your audience to ensure that you stay in business for generations. And that is the bond we have with our clients as well!

Stay tuned for more great stuff! Thank you!